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Dr. Timothy Brown, The Women’s Health Care Center in Massapequa, New York

L.I. Doc Using New Patient Technology
“I am always looking for cool new technology that can help me better my practice. I love how MedXCom allows me to record all calls and archive the calls should I need them in the future; MedXCom is not a complicated system and I love the support they provide…MedXCom’s platform allows me to connect instantly with my patients and their health profiles.”

Dr. Richard Garden, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Richard Garden With Chesapeake Oral Surgery Associates Uses Groundbreaking New App; MedXCom to Manage Patient Communications on Marketwire
“As a surgeon, I am taking multiple phone calls via my SmartPhone on the weekend and after hours. MedXCom allows me to record all calls in order to improve the quality of care I deliver to my patients.  My primary goal is to make sure that my patients are comfortable and well-cared for in all instances and this technology allows me to deliver superior service and communication.”

From Our Users


Steven G. Berwitz, DDS

“As a Dentist, I receive numerous phone calls via my SmartPhone after hours and on the weekend. MedXCom allows me to immediately check if the caller is an active patient via my SmartPhone and not one just seeking pain medication.  My time on weekends was dominated by calls from my 24 hour answering service asking if I could speak to callers that weren’t my  patients – this not only wastes my time, it also is a risk to my practice.”

Shelly, Office Manager

“Our office is so much more efficient since we started using MedXCom. I can arrange the on-call schedule months in advance and easily make any necessary changes online at anytime. The doctors like the flexibility of being reached via follow-me mode, and can easily change their call status from their smart phones. Since all calls are recorded, we can always reference the conversation. The entire practice loves using MedXCom.”

John C. MD, Private Practice, Internal Medicine

“The web interface is very intuitive and I like being in control of my on-call schedule even with the iPhone app. There are so many impressive features, but my favorite is the ability to call the patient back through the system with my cell phone ID protected and the conversation is recorded for quality assurance. This has really helped me with documentation.”

JoAnn C. MD, Faculty Group Practice, Psychiatry

“I was on call for our group when one of my partners’ patients called.  He was clearly having suicidal ideation and in the need of emergent help.  I instructed him to go to the emergency room immediately.  I called the patient back an hour later, when he never showed up in the ER, through MedXCom.  This time I spoke with his wife and reinforced the need to get him to the ER, which she stated she would do.  I told her that if he refused to go, to call 911 imediately.  Unfortunately, the patient did commit suicide and the patient’s wife sued me and my partners.  Using the recordings and transcripts of the intial call and my follow up call, the suit was dismissed.”

Lenny G. MD, Private Practice, Surgery

“I have a large call pool in which I participate, so I frequently have other surgeons covering for me.  All of my calls are routed through MedXCom to the other Surgeon’s Answering Services.  I like the ability to go back and listen to the way my patients are being handled and what advice is being given to them by the other doctors in my call pool.  I now find myself checking all the messages from the weekend each Monday to see how things went.  This is an awesome system!”

Samantha, Private Practice, Office Manager

“I like being able to come into the office in the morning and go through the calls that came in overnight and simply click on the patient’s name, from the call log, and have the system connect me directly to them.  No more taking down notes and filling out post it’s with telephone numbers to call back.”