Automated System

The MedXCom automated system allows physicians and practice managers to control their on-call calendar, call rules and phone settings without having to contact a third party to make any changes.  Critical patient information* is made available at the point of contact and all communication through the system is recorded and archived, mitigating risk and reducing liability.

Our automated system utilizes our proprietary Follow-Me technology to route incoming calls to a physician’s specified phone number.  Physicians can store up to five phone numbers and direct the system to route calls to their specific phone at any given period of the day.  When a call through the system gets forwarded to a physician, the caller’s personal health profile* is pushed to the physician’s smartphone app, providing important information at the point of contact.  The physician then has the opportunity to listen to a brief message the patient’s symptoms before deciding whether to connect with the patient or defer the call for another time.  All calls made into and out of the system are recorded and accessible at any time via any internet-connected device.  All calls are archived for 23 years and can be transcribed in real time via our voice-to-text automated service.

Selected Features of our Automated System

  • Point of contact access to a patient’s personal health profile*
  • Call recordings and archival (23 years) for all calls made into or out of the system
  • Access to voice messages and call recordings at any time from any internet-connected device and our smartphone apps
  • Customizable and self-managed on-call calendar and call routing rules
  • Screen calls before connecting with patients
  • Caller ID protection
  • Customizable call trees, greetings and prompts
  • Separate mailboxes for office staff and non-urgent calls
  • Unlimited use with no contracts

*Requires the caller to be a registered user of MedXPatient

Live Operator

Our hybrid live operator/automated option allows physicians to switch between the fully automated system and a human backup as often as they choose.  Whether the live operator handles all of a practice’s calls, only a small portion, or only one physician’s is entirely self-managed and customizable.  By integrating this option with our automated platform, non-urgent calls are filtered before they reach the operator, reducing unnecessary minute usage and, thereby, cost.

The live operator option works seamlessly with the automated platform.  Non-urgent and general calls are still filtered into separate mailboxes, but urgent calls are now routed to a live operator.  Our U.S.-based operators greet callers with an answer phrase specific to each practice and triage calls based on each on-call physician’s unique instructions and call routing rules.  Additionally, the physician can opt to be contacted by secure text, accessible on the smartphone apps and web portal, or notified of urgent calls via standard SMS text and e-mail.  All calls with our operators, whether connected with a physician or not, are recorded and archived, and accessible at anytime from anywhere.

Selected Features of our Live Operator Service

  • Ability to switch to/from live operator service at the physician, not practice, level
  • U.S.-based, top tier live operators
  • Customizable and self-managed call routing instructions, unique for each physician in a practice
  • Customizable and self-managed greeting phrase
  • Call recordings and archival (23 years) of all interactions between patient and operator, operator and physician and physician and patient
  • Multiple methods of contact between operators and physicians, including live calls, secure texting, standard SMS and e-mail messages

Secure Texting

The MedXCom secure texting platform works just like standard SMS texting, but in a HIPAA-compliant environment.  Accessible via the smartphone apps and a practice’s web portal, our secure texting allows physicians to communicate with colleagues, practice managers, office staff and patients, thereby strongly enhancing the quality of patient care.

While using our secure texting platform, physicians have the option to set their availability to receive messages from both patients and healthcare providers, providers only, or setting their status to unavailable.  Every message, both sent and received, is date- and time-stamped, and the sender can require acknowledgement of receipt for important messages.  The MedXCom secure texting platform allows for images, whether they are taken specifically for the message or already exist in a smartphone’s gallery or on a computer.  If collaboration is necessary, multiple MedXCom users can be added to a group message.  All messages are accessible at anytime from anywhere via the smartphone app and web portal.

Selected Features of our Secure Texting Platform

  • Encrypted, HIPAA- and HITECH-compliant environment to ensure security
  • Accessible from both the web portal and smartphone apps at any time
  • Images can be sent to any MedXCom user
  • All secure texts are documented and archived (23 years)
  • Receipt acknowledgement available for important messages
  • Ability to modify status to receive secure texts from all patients and providers, providers only, or neither


MedXPatient is the corresponding patient portal and smartphone app that works seamlessly with MedXCom.  Patients who have completed their MedXPatient profile that call into a practice using MedXCom have their personal health profile push to their physician’s smartphone app at the point of contact.  Users of MedXPatient are able to simultaneously alert their physicians of their wellness status, whether they are feeling fine, in the hospital or in an emergency room.  MedXPatient users are also able to securely text with their physicians via both smartphone app and web portal.  Learn more at