MedXCom founders developed and founded Hamilton Scientific in 1998. Hamilton Scientific ultimately became MeridianEMR; a successful urology , market leading electronic health records company with over 1,000 practicing nationwide Urologists and five million active urology patients.

We realize that for healthcare practices, the hub of communications is the practice telephone system. By controlling the flow of telecommunications between patients and doctors and other health care providers, communications are combined with relevant medical data, and are made to flow efficiently. Thus, pertinent and critical medical information is made available when it needed most- at the time of patient contact.  So, when a patient calls, you will not only see their name and number but also their entire personal health profile right on your smart phone.

Our goal is to provide the medical community with Continuity of Care Documents and Records (CCDR), telephonic consultations, secure texting, electronic prescribing and other services necessary to address the challenging needs of healthcare providers and patients; smartphone based but also has an easy to access web portal.

We understand that each medical practice has unique needs.  We are ready to partner with your practice to customize your practice’s communications.  Our help center is available 24/7/365.