• Apr 7 2014

Medical Answering Service: New app upgrades doctor-to-patient communication

By Lindsay Carlton Published April 06, 2014 FoxNews.com  Talking to your physician over the phone may save you a trip to the doctor’s office, but it could also lead to critical communication errors. Dr. Michael Nusbaum, a New Jersey bariatric surgeon, launched a smartphone app to help doctors and patients communicate in a more r ... Read More.

  • Feb 10 2014

Digitizing patient care, a revolution with a slow download speed

January 17, 2014 in HIPAA, Home Slider, News, Practice Management   By Kimberly Lord StewartThe digital age of medicine is upon us. Sophisticated digital technology tools like a Google contact lens can measure blood sugar from tears (see the story here), and biosensors can continuously monitor blood pressure opposed to the few m ... Read More.

  • Dec 23 2013

Monetary Benefits of Electronic Patient Communication

Ed Rabinowitz | Monday, December 09, 2013 The results of a study published in Health Affairs indicate that electronic communication between physicians and patients improves the patient experience. However, it is a double-edged sword — the added communication contributes to physician workload.Michael Nusbaum, MD, medical ... Read More.

  • Oct 11 2013

MedXCom’s CEO, Dr. Michael Nusbaum, presents at Health 2.0 in Silicon Valley

  ... Read More.

  • Aug 3 2013

Need your doc when travelling? We’ve got an app for that!

  Looking for your medical records, a doctor or a pharmacy while traveling? We've got an app for that! What’s the easiest, lightest, most important item we forget to (pack) bring with us when traveling? Popular travel app options range from GPS features, mapping, virtual photos, translators, gas finders, etc. yet most trave ... Read More.

  • Jul 23 2013

What’s Next for the Blue Button? CEO of MedXCom Weighs In

  June 26, 2013 By Tom Barkley The U.S. government’s initiative to improve patient access to healthcare data is trying to get the attention of patients, providers and innovators by crowdsourcing ideas and urging people to steal its software coding.  Like many in the healthcare sector, Rashad Abdul-Salaam is frustrated wit ... Read More.

  • Apr 7 2013


i-Patient     Today, the patient is able to take a more active role in the management of their healthcare, mostly  due to the effects of digitalization of medicine. Basically, the patient is aided on two main fronts; 1) Access to information, and 2) Support. ACCESS TO INFORMATION We will dedicate a page to a list ... Read More.

  • Mar 12 2013

MedXCom Smartphone App Provides Secure Medical Record Access for Doctors, Patients, And Daters

by Cindi Brown, Inventor Spot, Serious Fun For the Inventor in all of Us MedXCom is a new smartphone app that is changing the way doctors and patients interact by providing a central place for  medical records and a secure way to exchange information, but that's not all. The benefits of this little app extend well beyond the doctor's offic ... Read More.

  • Feb 8 2013

Doctors Show uses the MedXCom Patient App to demonstrate the Safe Bumping feature. February 7, 2013: “Safe Sex App?”

Check out the video entitled “Safe Sex App” featuring the MedXCom Patient App on the Doctors Show  February 7, 2013. Don’t miss it!   ... Read More.

  • Dec 4 2012

MedXCom: Platform for Docs to Text, Email Patients Securely

Ed Rabinowitz, Monday, November 26th 2012   The phrase “in sickness and in health” has long been a mainstay in the exchange of marriage vows. Now, the findings of a recent survey sponsored by Seattle-based Varolii Corporation indicate that phrase has added importance to physicians and their patients. According to the surve ... Read More.

  • Sep 5 2012

Health Tech Insights- Emerging Health Technology Spotlight on MedXCom

5 ways mobile apps streamline patient-doctor communication   Much has been said about today’s mobile apps, whether it’s their ability to empower the patient or create a more portable practice for physicians. Yet, according to Michael Nusbaum, MD, founder of mobile application MedXCom, one of the most beneficial aspects of mobile applic ... Read More.

  • Aug 27 2012

New apps a shot in the arm for doctor-patient communication

http://articles.sun-sentinel.com/2012-08-26/health/fl-doctor-smartphone-apps-20120823_1_health-apps-new-apps-smartphone August 26, 2012|By Nicole Brochu, Staff writer     You have a rash or a small wound, and you want to know whether it's anything to worry about. No need to make a doctor appointment. Your smartphon ... Read More.

  • Aug 21 2012

MedXCom on Project Millennial

PROJECT MILLENNIAL a generation challenging the current face of health care | redefining what it means to be against the status quo THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT. by Amy Myers But really, there is.  For everything.  Chances are if you’re a Millennial reading this, you not only have a smartphone—you probably have it fully loaded with t ... Read More.

  • Aug 13 2012

5 ways mobile apps streamline patient-doctor communication

  August 06, 2012 | Michelle McNickle, New Media Producer Much has been said about today's mobile apps, whether it's their ability to empower the patient or create a more portable practice for physicians. Yet, according to Michael Nusbaum, MD, founder of mobile application MedXCom, one of the most beneficial aspects of mobile applications could ... Read More.

  • Jul 20 2012

MedXCom Android App Available in Google Play

Click here to Download  ... Read More.